Mini Rex In the Nestbox

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All babies that are not identified as ones I want to keep for my herd will be available 8 weeks from their birth date. Please e-mail me if you want to make a deposit on any of these rabbits or if you have any questions. All mini rex rabbits are $30 each unless marked otherwise. Please see my Mini Rex For Sale page for more information on making deposits, more rabbits for sale, and information about my waiting list. Also take a look at the Velvet Lions In The Nestbox and Velvet Lions For Sale pages for more babies for sale.

Meet the newest arrivals!

6 weeks old
1 blue otter buck---SOLD
1 blue otter doe (Died at 6 weeks for unknown reasons)
1 black otter doe (keeping her-Foxaway's Robin)
1 broken black otter buck---SOLD
1 broken blue otter---SOLD
1 broken blue otter

born April 10, 2016
sire: Tristar's Aspen
dam: Foxaway's Hibiscus

***These are mixed breed babies...tan/mini rex cross***

6 weeks old
1 black silver martin buck (keeping him-Foxaway's Junco)
1 broken black (self chin) buck---SOLD
1 broken black (self chin) doe---SOLD

born April 11, 2016
sire: Foxaway's Ash
dam: Tarman's Cher

6 weeks old
1 lilac/fawn tri doe (keeping her-Foxaway's Lemon Thyme)
1 lilac/fawn tri buck---SOLD

born April 12, 2016
sire: Foxaway's Kale
dam: Foxaway's Magnolia

6 weeks old
1 blue otter doe---SOLD
1 broken lilac buck (keeping him-Foxaway's Thistle)
1 broken lilac doe---SOLD

born April 13, 2016
sire: Tristar's Aspen
dam: Foxaway's Yarrow

***These are mixed breed babies...tan/mini rex cross***

1 lilac tri buck
1 lilac harlequin buck (died at 6 weeks old)
1 lilac chinchilla buck (died at 2 weeks old)
1 white doe
1 broken blue magpie buck (keeping him)
1 black/orange tri doe (probably keeping her)
1 broken castor buck
1 broken opal doe
1 black/orange harlequin doe (died at 2 weeks old)

born December 16, 2016
sire: Foxaway's Sage
dam: Foxaway's Titmouse

4 weeks

3 black otter bucks (probably keeping one)

born December 17, 2016
sire: Foxaway's Larkspur
dam: Foxaway's Junco


1 white doe (may keep her)
1 chocolate otter buck
1 chocolate buck---On Hold

born December 17, 2016
sire: Foxaway's Praying Mantis
dam: Foxaway's Cricket