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If your rabbit is kept in an indoor cage it will need to have its' bedding changed every couple of days to keep your pet clean and dry. Pine and aspen shavings are good bedding materials. Even though cedar smells nice, it should not be used for bedding since its acidic content can cause health problems. The wire should be wiped down with a damp cloth every once in awhile as well, or they can be pressure washed.

Outdoor hutches don't require as much cleaning as indoor cages since bedding isn't always used. However; any manure that gets stuck in the hutch should be removed daily and if bedding is used it should be replaced regularly. I pressure wash my hutches twice a year, but do any neccessary touch up cleaning throughout the year.

Water bottles and/or crocks must be cleaned regularly to keep out algae build-up. Baby bottle brushes work great to reach into those bottles! The fines (dust) left from pellets in food dishes should be dumped out every once in awhile since rabbits don't usually eat them.

Be sure your rabbit is always clean and dry and check it daily for any unusual behavior or signs of illness. Take your pet to the veteranarian if anything seems out of the ordinary. Be sure to go to a veteranarian who has experience with rabbits. I have a couple of recommended ones on my Recommended Resources page.