Retired Herd Members

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Retired, but still members of my Mini Rex family
Foxaway's Briar Rose

White doe
born August 15, 2004
sire: Govan's Toby
dam: Foxaway's Butterfly

Briar Rose retired at 6 years old. She raised 25 babies & was a wonderful mother. Now she enjoys being a grandma & even tries to nurse her grandbabies!

Foxaway's Honeybee

Broken Castor
born April 15, 2007
sire: Foxaway's Almond
dam: Foxaway's Butterfly

Honeybee was a wonderful mother and raised her last litter when she was slightly over 6 years old! She raised a total of 31 babies.

Foxaway's Daffodil

Blue/Fawn Tri doe
born August 11, 2006
sire: Cattail Creek's Pumpkin Patch
dam: Cattail Creek's Autumn Leaf

Daffodil retired at 4 1/2 yrs old. She was a wonderful mother but I retired her a little early due to 2 of her babies having seizures. She raised 11 babies.

Cattail Creek's Pumpkin Patch

Black/Orange Tri
born July 16, 2005
sire: Cattail Creek's Buzz Lightyear
dam: Cattail Creek's Sunny

Pumpkin retired at about 8 1/2 years of age. He sired 54 babies in 14 litters.

Foxaway's Blackberry

born January 25, 2008
sire: TRP's Blue Spruce
dam: Foxaway's Honeybee

Blackberry retired at about 6 years of age after raising 14 babies.