Just For Fun

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Here are some fun pictures of my bunnies. Some are current herd members and their babies. Some are rabbits I had a long time ago. I couldn't resist sharing these pictures! Note: pardon the spelling on some of these rabbits names...I was a kid and loved "unique" spellings. Check out the History of my Herd page for more information about these rabbits.

my 1st 2 mini rex,
Toby & Whispher

2 week old kits, Chocolate
Marshmallow & Sophie
parents: Butterfly & Caramello

Willow & Clover
Always anxious for attention!

The 1st tortoiseshell bunny born
in my herd.

castor buck @ 6 weeks old
parents: Raindrop & Walnut

frosted white(pearl) baby, Basil
parents: Buttercup & Clover

my 1st pet bunny
black Netherland dwarf doe

a standard castor rex doe

tortoiseshell dutch doe
It's a terrible picture, but the best I
could find of her.

standard castor rex buck
This bunny actually went to
the vet. on a leash!

Raindrop & Pippin
Pippin is my sister's miniature
pinscher. Pippin wanted Raindrop
to play, but got pretty much

Raspberry & her 1st kit, Badger

Lily & babies
Stardust is either on the far right or
far left, can't remember now.

Raspberry relaxing

Lily making a nest

This is a Christmas card I used a few
years ago of me and the does I had...
On my shoulders: Butterfly & broken
castor doe. In right arm: Verbena.
left to right: Dandilion, Coco,
Raspberry, Lily,Windsong, &
Sugar Maple.

Licorice & Verbena
the love of mother & kit

Grooming time!
Dandilion & Caramel
parents: Licorice & Ashlar

Butterscotch & kits
Butterscotch was the 1st baby
I had survive.

Whispher nursing her kits