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Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box fairly easily. Simply place your rabbit's cage in the place you want the litter box to be. Let the rabbit pick it's own spot in the cage to relieve itself and put the litter box there. Then put some of the bunny's droppings in the litter box. It should continue to use that spot even if the cage is removed. The litter should be emptied every day or so. NOTE: Rabbits that have been spayed or neutered tend to be easier to litter box train than rabbits who have not been spayed or neutered.

Rabbits are very curious and love to chew on everything. Therefore; they can easily get themselves into trouble if they are left to roam your house unattended. I would recommend putting your pet in a cage at night if you do allow it to roam your house. Also be sure to "rabbit proof" your house by keeping wires out of reach, covering outlets, keeping medicines and cleaners locked up or out of reach, etc.

I use to always think rabbits had a life expectancy of 5-10 years. I am discovering it can be longer than that, though. I've read in several places more recently that the life expectancy is now listed as 7-12 years. My oldest rabbit turned 12 years old in May 2011. I've heard of rabbits living to be 15 years old on occassion. It seems that smaller breeds may have a higher life expectancey than larger breeds.

Rabbits love salt spools. Extra salt is good for them, especially when pregnant or nursing a litter. Extra salt is not, however; neccessary. I like to give it to my bunnies since they enjoy it so much. Licking a salt spool also helps prevent boredom.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are curious and playful pets. I discovered only in recent years that rabbits like to play with toys. I wouldn't dream of not giving a rabbit at least 1 toy now that I know this! I give all of my rabbits a bell ball, a hanging toy (see my Cages, Supplies, and Services page to see the toys I sell), and a wood block to chew on all of the time. They also love to chew on toilet paper rolls and egg cartons (the cardboard kind). I rotate some other toys around with them occassionally as well. It is amazing how much less hyper my rabbits are now that they have toys to play with.