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Rabbits are wonderful little animals. They are not the boring hands off kind of pets that many people assume them to be. They are loving, curious, and playful animals and each one has it's own unique and wonderful personality. How friendly and docile your rabbit is really does depend on where you get it from, though. Some breeders don't handle their baby rabbits very often while others, such as me, handle them very frequently. Bunnies held from birth are much more accustomed the being handled and are usually more likely to stay easy to handle. They are also more likely to be more friendly than ones who are not use to being handled.
Rabbits who spend all of there time in cages never get the opportunity to express their personlities to you. You should let you pet rabbit out to play with you and hold her frequently. I recommend holding your new pet for the 1st 1-2 weeks before allowing her to have any free play on the floor. This will get her more use to you and accustomed to the idea that coming out of the cage doesn't only mean time to run and play. Be sure to rabbit proof your house before letting her on the floor by covering electrical outlets, putting cord covers over any electric cords near the floor, block access to places under furniture where she can hurt herself (or your furniture!), and remove any poisonous plants from the play area. Once you are ready to let her have play time on the floor you should provide her with toys, things to chew on, such as applewood, a litterbox, and yourself of course! When your bunny is having her free play she will most likely come to visit you a lot. Praise her for this but don't constantly try to pick her up or she may opt out of visiting you. Provide some small healthy treats to entice her to come have an ear rub. Gently pick her up when free play is over and return her to her cage.
Bunnies that are happy in their surrounding will often do 'binkies' which are leaps of joy into the air. These are really fun to watch. They are also known to roll around on a comfy carpet when happy. A soft place to sleep in the play area can be much appreciated for a happy exhausted bunny!