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My name is Brenda and I live in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. I have lived here all of my life except for the 4 years that I attended Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. It is a small liberal arts school where I earned a degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Animal Behavior. I studied mammology and wildlife management as well as completing several studies on wolves, osprey, little brown bats, and the boobies of the Galopagos Islands. I have a passion for animals and the great outdoors.

I live on a farm where I enjoy gardening and working with my mini rex and velvet lion rabbits, chinchillas (please visit my chinchilla home page to see my chinchillas), and cats. I have been raising mini rex rabbits since 1998. I started raising velvet lions in 2008. My chinchilla breeding program began with my first chin litter in 2010 but I've been trying to breed chinchillas since 2004! I have had dogs, fish, a rat, a mouse, and a snapping turtle for pets in the past. The more pets the better! I work outside of the home as a nanny, which I've done full time since 2002. I also enjoy a small hobby of making all natural products such a lip balm, lotion, room freshener, perfume, and tea. My hobby is called Simply Esther is may one day become a small business.