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Foxaway's Gift Shop---Come and visit my gift shop where you can purchase rabbit merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and notcards! The rabbits on the merchandise are rabbits from my own herd! I've just opened the shop so more items will continue to be added. Enjoy!

Mountain Rose Herbs ---I found this wonderful organic herbs store to buy herbs for me and all of my pets. I am now giving various herbs to my rabbits individually instead of in the premixed remedies I was getting from the Pet Medicine Chest. I have done lots of research to discover the best ways to naturally treat my animals and myself for illnesses and to help prevent illness. I will be updating my Health page with herbal info that will help you decide what to use for you own rabbits.

Rabbit Medicine Chest--- Unfortunately the Rabbit Medicine Chest has gone out of business. I am currently looking into other companies who sell natural herbal remedies for rabbit illnesses and diseases. I have used the Rabbit Medicine Chest's herbs for about 3 years and know that natural treatments work wonders. Please see the previous link for Mountain Rose herbs for some more info. Also feel free to contact me for more information on natural treatments for rabbits.

ARBA --- The American Rabbit Breeders Association is the major rabbit club of the United States. It has rabbit information, breed pictures and descriptions, show information, and other rabbit links.

NMRRC---The National Mini Rex Rabbit Club is a specialty club just for the mini rex breed. It has pictures of the recognized mini rex colors, show information, classifieds, and rabbit links.

Lily's Rabbit Hole---This breeder lives in New Hampshire. She raises all sorts of fun varieties of rex rex, micro rex, astrex rex, and velvet lions. This is the breeder my foundation velvet lions came from. She began developing the velvet lions in 2006. She also raises Netherland Dwarfs.

Country Settings Rabbitry --- This is the website of a youth breeder who has entusiastically joined in the breeding of the gorgeous velvet lions. She bought a pair of does from me in early 2009 and her rabbits are coming along nicely. She also breeds mini rex rabbits. She lives in Pennsylvania.

Hallowed Grounds Rabbitry --- This is the website of a friend of mine who breeds mini rex and fuzzy lop rabbits. She has recently (Aug 2010) added a pair of my velvet lions to her rabbitry as well. It will be exciting to work with her on this lovely breed. She lives in western New York.

Manely Lions Rabbitry --- This breeder lives in New Hampshire and is one of the few velvet lions breeders I know of. She also breeds lionheads, lion lops, and astrex rex

Fuz Bunz Rabbitry ---This breeder is located in Maine and she raises lionheads. She is hoping to get some mini rex and velvet lions from me soon. I'm excited to have her share in my enthusiasm for the gorgeous velvet lions!

Mini Rex Varieties---This is another great site that shows the different mini rex color varieties, recognized and unrecognized colors...lots of my rabbits are pictured here!

Color Crossing Rules For Mini Rex Rabbits---This is a good site for variety pictures and descriptions. It also has information on what colors work best together if you want to breed without having unrecognized colors popping up in your litters.

The Rabbit & Cavy Directory---This site contains pictures of all the known rabbit breeds, descriptions of the breed standards, and links to rabbit breeders websites all across the country.

Coat Colors of the Domestic Rabbit---Features pictures and genotypes of 87 rabbit color varieties. Nicely done site.

The Pencil Test---This is a great site for anyone interested in showing their rabbits. It describes and shows pictures of how to judge if your rabbit is the ARBA show standard, with the use of a pencil! Neat to see even if you don't show. to know more about rabbit type? You can learn more about what it takes to have a winning rabbit at this site.

Icebox Rabbitry---This is the site of a show breeder of mini rex and lionheads located in Minnesota. There is lots of interesting information here!

Clover Blossom Rabbitry---This is a nice site of a mini rex, holland lop, and lionhead breeder. The rabbitry is located in Ohio.

Island Gems Rabbitry---This is a very nice site with lots of good information.

Montana Rex Ranch---This is the website of a breeder who lives in Montana. She raises show quality standard rex rabbits in the following colors: castor, broken castor, and black otter.

Spring's Bunny Barn---This is the site of a breeder in New York. She raises mini rex, lionheads, and holland lops.

Country Valley Rabbitry---The website of a breeder in Wisconsin. She raises mini rex, rex, satins, and holland lops.

Bunny Acres Rabbitry---Another rabbitry in Michigan. This breeder raises English lops, velveteen lops, and an occassional Netherland dwarf.

Double L Rabbit Ranch---This is the site of a breeder in California. She raises mini rex and Flemish giants.

Heartfelt Rabbitry---Located in Indiana, this breeder raises mini rex, lionheads, Netherland dwarfs, and English lops.

Somebunny's Wool---This breeder lives in Nebraska. She raises Jersey woolies and Netherland dwarfs. She has a feed requirements chart that I researched and wrote on her website.

McFeater's Rabbitry---This breeder lives in central PA. She raises a small herd of mini rex.

Windy Hill Bunny Farm---This is the new rabbitry of a youth breeder who raises English lops & English angora rabbits. He is located in Sewickly, PA.

Gold Creek Rabbitry---This is the site of a breeder in Ontario, Canada. She will be using some of my tris in her tri mini rex program. Along with her tri program, she also raises the following colors: chocolate, white, black, blue, red, black otter, & blue otter.

ANH Rabbitry---This is the site of a breeder in Rosepine, Louisiana. She breeds mini rex, standard rex, and harlequins. Nice website.

AMM Rabbitry---The son of a friend of mine owns this site. He raises mini rex, velvet lions, and lionheads. Located in western PA.

Kute Bunnies To Go Rabbitry---This breeder is in western PA. She and her 2 daughters raise mini rex and Holland lops.

Splash A' Color Rabbitry---The site of a breeder in in Rochestor, PA. She raises mini rex in mostly broken black and red. She has recently purchased some rabbits from my tri lines to work with as well.

Fistner's Funny Bunnys---The site of a youth breeder in eastern PA. She raises holland lops and mini rex. is a site that has directories for breeders, supplies, gifts, and much more.

Mystical Danes Breeder Directory---A state by state breeders directory.

Rabbit Breeders Directory---Another state by state breeders directory.

Silver Star Silver Martens Breeder Directory---Another state by state breeders directory. Also the website of a silver marten breeder located in Louisiana.

Meadows Rabbit Breeder Directory---Having trouble finding that perfect bunny close enough to you? Here is a rabbit breeder directory to help you find a rabbit breeder in your state. site has classified ads for Western PA. I often post ads here.

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