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All babies that are not identified as ones I want to keep for my herd will be available 8 weeks from their birth date. Please e-mail me if you want to make a deposit on any of these rabbits or if you have any questions. Single mane velvet lions will be $35 each. Double mane velvet lions will be $50 each. No mane babies (mini rex) will be $30 each....when there are mini rex babies in my velvet lion litters they will be moved over to my Mini Rex In the Nestbox page once they are identified. Any mixed breed babies (tan/velvet lion crosses) will be $30 each. Single mane & no mane kits tend to look identical for the 1st few weeks of life until the wool grows in on the single mane velvet lions. Feel free to inquire about any of the babies but deposits will only be accepted after I know for certain if they are DM, SM, or NM. Please see my Velvet Lions For Sale page for more information on making deposits, more rabbits for sale, and information about my waiting list.
Please note that velvet lions grow their wool (mane, etc) slower than their regular rex fur so their fur will look uneven at times, especially the double mane velvet lions. The wool does eventually catch up and then get longer than the regular fur.

SM=single mane
DM=double mane
NM=no mane (mini rex)

Meet the newest arrivals!
None at this time.

Please visit my Velvet Lions For Sale, In the Nestbox (mini rex), and Mini Rex Rabbits for Sale pages for more baby rabbits for sale. I am accepting deposits for the babies on the In the Nestbox page. They will be ready to go to new homes 8 weeks after their date of birth.

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