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Meet my chinchillas! I currently have 2 breeding pairs. Acorn and Butternut are a bonded pair (but they are living side by side right now and taking a parenting break) and Ketu and Starla are a bonded pair. I hope to bond Haze & Breeze eventually but have been taking the breeding slowly so don't know when. They live next door to each other right now. Visit my Chinchilla Nursery to see updates and current babies!

Starla and Ketu are brand new parents! Their 1st litter together is arrived September 17, 2012! Please e-mail me if you would like to reserve a baby chin from this gorgeous couple! You can see pictures and info about the babies on my Chinchilla Nursery page.
Chinchilla Males Chinchilla Females
Seward's Acorn

Heterozygeous Tan
born May 20, 2007
sire: Seward's Buttons
dam: Seward's Mashee

Foxaway's Chickadee

Ebony violet carrier
born May 8, 2013
sire: Foxaway's Ketu
dam: Starla

Foxaway's Ketu ('shooting star' in Tibetan)

Heterozygeous Tan
born October 23, 2010
died unexpectedly of what appears to be heat stroke September 10, 2016.
sire: Seward's Acorn
dam: Seward's Butternut


born January 10, 2003
sire: Vivaldi
dam: Lollipop

Foxaway's Haze

born May 7, 2010
sire: Seward's Rocko
dam: Seward's Starla

Foxaway's Breeze

Homozygous Beige
born July 1, 2010
sire: Seward's Acorn
dam: Seward's Butternut

Foxaway's Nuthatch

Ebony violet carrier
born September 17, 2012
sire: Foxaway's Ketu
dam: Starla

Foxaway's Sparrow

Heterozygous Tan
born July 1, 2010
sire: Seward's Acorn
dam: Seward's Butternut


Heterozygous Beige Pink White
born President's Day 1996
died July 16, 2007
sire: Knucklehead
dam: Baby Nimbits

Seward's Butternut

Heterozygous Beige
born August 19, 2004
died unexpectedly November 24, 2013
sire: Seward's Razzel
dam: Seward's Wiggles

Seward's Rocko

Standard Grey violet carrier
born February 8, 2006
died June 22, 2011
sire: Fritz
dam: Teela

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