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Welcome to my chinchilla nursery! I handle my baby chinchillas from birth to ensure they are friendly and accustomed to human attention. I plan to sell most of my babies but may keep some from time to time. Feel free to inquire about any of the babies you see here in the nursery. Prices vary from color to color for chinchillas since some color mutations are more rare and harder to get. My chin prices will range from about $125-$350. Deposits to hold chins will be 50% of the total price, which is non-refundable. I will wean my baby chins at about 10 weeks but they will need to stay with me for another 1-2 weeks post weaning to be sure they are thriving on their own before going to new homes. You must spend plenty of time with your pet chin to keep it happy and thriving. This is especially important for single chins. Please E-mail me with any questions or inquiries about my chinchillas.

Please visit my Chinchillas For Sale page for pictures and sale info for more chinchillas.

Meet the chins in my nursery!
None at this time. Please visit my Chinchilla for Sale page to see babies that are currently for sale

Please visit my Chinchillas For Sale page for chinchillas I currently have available.

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