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Chinchillas don't need very much grooming but a little combing never hurt anyone! I sometimes like to use a flea comb or a clean toothbrush to go over their fur, especially near the tail, when they are shedding to remove any loose fur.
You don't need to worry about trimming your chinchillas toenails because they will do it for you! Yes, chinchillas bite their toenails to keep them short. No need to worry about them scratching you with untrimmed nails!
Chinchillas are quite unique in their bathing habits. Rather than bathing in water to get clean they take dust baths! Wet chins can actually get moldy fur because of the fur's incredibly thick density. So, no water baths please. Chins should get a dust bath 1-3 times per week in a very fine volcanic ash that can be purchased from your pet supply store or you can buy it from Ohio Pet Chinchilla. This is where I get mine. Please be certain to buy only the fine volcanic ash variety. DO NOT use the ground pumic stone variety since this kind can cause eye irritation and injury.

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