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Chinchillas are extremely social, curious, and loving animals. It is easy to spend loads of time just enjoying their antics. It is important to realize that chinchillas don't typically enjoy just sitting on your lap or shoulder for hours. There are some chins who enjoy this but the majority of them prefer to be on the move, able to interact with you by climbing on you and running around you. I like to take my chins into the safety of a bathroom for play time. This is a rare place where there are no electrical wires or outlets down low for chins to get into trouble with. Just always be sure doors are closed, toilets seats are down, and trash cans are removed. I usually bring some toys in for them to investigate and sit down on the floor and let them play. Having a couple healthy treats available to temp them to come over for a chin or chest rub is a nice idea as well. Another good safe play area is a play pen. Just be sure the spaces between the bars are small enough for your chin to not be able to squeeze out. Also be sure the pen is high enough for her to not be able to jump out...or put a cover over it if you are not in it with her. I bought my play pen from Drs. Foster and Smith/the Ferret Store. I have a pretty good sized play pen that folds up and is stored under my couch when not in use. I bring it out and can interact with my chins in there while watching TV. I always put a litterbox in there to prevent puddles. Other items that go in the playpen are some toys, a hammock, a grass mat, and a grass hut. They enjoy perching on the hut and using the hammock for a spring board!
Chinchillas are very emotional and have very good memories. If you frighten them or hurt them they will remember it. Be calm and gentle with them and they will lavish their affections on you. You certainly don't want your chin to cower in the corner when you approach her. There really is no point in having a pet if you don't want to spend time with it so please show your chin you care and interact frequently with her. Trust me, she will reward you for it by loving you, too!

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