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Mountain Rose Herbs ---I found this wonderful organic herbs store to buy herbs for me and all of my pets. I like to give my chins herbs rather than medications whenever possible. I have done lots of research to discover the best ways to naturally treat my animals and myself for illnesses and to help prevent illness. Chins really don't get sick much but there are some herbs I like to give them just for some variety in their diet and to keep help them healthy.

Ohio Pet Chinchilla---This is the breeder I got my 4 original breeding chinchillas from. She is no longer breeding but has a shelter and an online store. I purchase many of my chinchilla supplies, including food, from her.

Chinchillas For Pets---This is a breeder in Central PA. She has a small herd of chins and raises them as pets like me but does have some new chins from show lines as well.

Ryerson Chinchilla Ranch---This is a huge show quality chinchilla ranch in Ohio. They have over 2000 breeders! They also sell supplies.

Shoots Chinchilla Ranch---Another large show quality chinchilla ranch in Ohio. Has some good chinchilla info as well.

Chincherubs---A breeder in central PA.

Sunset chinchillas---this site has an awesome photo gallery of the different color mutations along with descriptions.

Pets Republic Chinchilla Photo Gallery---this site has pictures & discriptions of the different chinchilla colors.

Chinchilla Mutations and Colors ---another gallery of pictures & discriptions of the different chinchilla color mutations.

Che' Chinchillas ---yet another gallery of pictures & discriptions of the different chinchilla color mutations.

Cedar River Chins---This site has some good info on the care of chinchillas.

Sir Chin Links-a-lot---A website with chinchilla breeder links to help you find the perfect chin close to home.

Chinchilla Genetics---This site has information on chinchilla genetics as well as breeding and care information.

Silver Falls Chinchilla Calculator---this is great site for chinchilla breeders to help determine what colors can be produced by different pairs. It's a fun site to experiment with.

Drs. Foster and Smith/the Ferret Store---I buy some toys and supplies for my chins here. They also sell Oxbow hay, which I highly recommend. It's a very good quality hay.

The Chinchilla Club---the chinchilla club is the official club for chinchillas in the USA. This site has various resources available for breeders and pet owners alike.

Chinchilla Breeders organization---a good resource for chinchilla breeders.

Chin World---a store specifically for chinchillas.

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