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Be sure to keep you chinchillas clean, safe, and secure in their homes. Inspect the cage frequently to be sure there are no sharp edges that could injury your chin. Also check any plastic toys or fleece hammocks/toys for breaks or tares that could allow for chocking or suffocation. Remove any toys/hammocks that appear unsafe.
Brush off dropping from ledges frequently and wipe ledges and floors with wet rags to prevent germ build-up. The entire cage should be wiped down as needed and any loose fur removed. I also carry my cages outside in the summer to preasure wash them & get them extra sparkly clean. Only use very mild soaps to clean your chin cage and be certain to thoroughly rinse all the soap off to prevent your chin from ingesting it.
Please clean out and wash food dishes and water bottles regularly. Chins have very sensitive stomachs and should have fresh water every 1-3 days. They don't drink very much so waiting for them to finish all the water in their bottle can very easily result in harmful algae growth. DO NOT use water crocks for chinchillas. They could jump in and drown. Only glass water bottles please (they can easily chew the plastic ones).

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